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Ultrasound (Sonar)

• Ultrasound is a safe, non-invasive (no ionizing radiation) imaging technique where high frequency sound waves are used to produce images of internal structures.

• Images are produced in real-time, which allows for evaluation of soft tissue organs, joint movement and foetal activity. Specialised Doppler ultrasounds are performed to view internal motions of blood flow in the major blood vessels and to diagnose narrowing or occlusion of vessels.

• The Sonographers who perform these examinations are highly qualified, and work closely with the Radiologist to ensure the most accurate information is collected on a state of the art modern ultrasound unit.


• Patients may be required to wear a gown as transmission gel is utilised to transmit the sound beams into the area of interest.

• Certain ultrasound examinations require fasting for 6 hours as well as drinking water to fill the urinary bladder which is used to visualise pelvic anatomy.

• Ultrasound results are reported and discussed with the patient by the referring specialist.

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