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• A mammogram is a specialised form of x-ray that looks specifically at the breast tissue. It uses a much lower dose of x-rays than that used for normal x-rays.

• A mammogram is utilised for the diagnosis of breast cancer and helps to distinguish non-cancerous problems of the breast from cancer.

• At Hyperlife, we combine a mammogram with an ultrasound examination of both breasts.

• Our mammogram machine is 3D (Tomosynthesis) enabled, which gives accurate results due to the breast tissue being more visible with this technology. With this added digital technology, it makes mammography a much faster and less painful experience.

Preparing for your mammogram.


3-D mammograms: The future of breast cancer detection

• Tomosynthesis uses multiple low-dose images of the breast that are then layered into a pseudo 3D view. It creates a clearer, more detailed image than the traditional 2D view. Some studies have found the 3D might help to detect deadly cancers earlier.

• One seeming advantage of 3D mammography, is that it appears to lessen the number of false positive tests and appears to zero in on the more aggressive cancers earlier, when treatments can be more successful.

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